If you really think about it, throughout our entire life we have to trust others with some very important things. And sometimes these people we put our trust in let us down and disappoint us. But, there is one who never disappoints, never lets us down. Someone we can put our trust in for eternity.


Change. Not a day goes by that something doesn’t change. Sometimes change is for the good, sometimes not so good. Change can cause joy, or change can cause stress. Looking for something that is guaranteed not to change? Find it here.

The Presentation

Life is full of presentations. But there is one that you may not have given much thought to until now.

Acting like a Tourist?

Have you ever been a tourist in a foreign country? If you have, you know how easy it is to spot your fellow tourists. And, let's face it; they can spot you as a tourist too! Tourists often look a little bewildered and are easily distracted by souvenir shops and those hawking their wares on the streets. But there is a different kind of traveler in a foreign country, and that is an ambassador. We are all travelers in a foreign country, this is not our home. Watch this video and then decide what you want to be, a tourist or an ambassador.

Laws - So Many Laws

Laws, laws, laws. So many laws. Some are obvious and well known, others obscure. But, what does God have to say about laws? You may be surprised to find out!


Signs are everywhere and yet today many people can not read them and are lost. God's signs are easy to read and always lead us to Himself.


The online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “thank” as, “to tell (someone) that you are grateful for something that he or she has done or given” This Thanksgiving Day, who are you going to thank for your many blessings?

He Is

How does God make Himself known? Sometimes it’s through our occupation!


During the Christmas season, many people go to great lengths and travel long distances just to be with those they love. Often the trip can be long, costly and uncomfortable. Many years ago the Savior of the world made the longest and costliest journey ever, just so He could be with those He loves. This December 25, let’s celebrate our Savior coming to this world so we can be with Him forever!